The short answer is: Yes you can providing you do a few things.

Backstory:  I recently bought a Windows 10 machine and tried to load Jasc PSP 9 on it. I LOVE PSP 9 and at my level of usage, I don’t need a learning curve learning a new program. I go back and forth between PSP and Photoshop, but when I just want to do something quick and easy, my go-to program is Jasc PSP.

So, the first thing I do is check to see if it will work at all. Some people had no issues, while others couldn’t get it to register modules on a new install. Others had issues after the Creative Update. On the machine I’m typing on now (a low end HP i5 14″ laptop with a meh Intel display that I take on trips and onsite) I’m running a fully patched Windows 10 home version – so no virtual machine capability. I, at times, need to fix a photo and I detest Paint. This meant I either needed to upgrade or get PSP version 9 to work.

First attempt to install – it wouldn’t register the modules. I DuckDuckGo-ed the issue and found it was a common issue. Some blamed it on the graphics driver. I was running a non roll-back version, so that wasn’t an option. I could have gone with a generic driver, but I decided to simply change the display to a more common 1024×768 and I reran the install. To put it bluntly: It ran like butta. It installed perfectly and put an icon on the desktop – as if it was Windows 7 (which has some issues printing in PSP 9). So I ran it in 1024×768 and it worked fine. Then I ran it in the recommended resolution, and it runs just fine.

So – you do NOT have to roll back the driver, but you do need to lower the screen resolution DURING INSTALL to install the program. My next test will be installing on another machine with higher resolution and see if it runs at a higher resolution with a better GPU. I’ll add to this what I find out.